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FRACTAL = a fragmented shape that can be subdivided  in parts and each of which is a smaller copy of the whole.


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We have a huge desire to connect people to each other within the community in order to expand our friendships social network.  We completely understand how busy life seems to be right now, so if you want more detail on the following groups please feel free to contact us.

Here a few ways to connect to the community of Atrium Church:

A-teams : 

      Paparazzi = caring for visitors

      Bistro = it’s not just about coffee

Vibe = creating an inviting space

Production = shaping the sunday morning experience

The Park = investing in the lives of children

Missional Communities = fulfilling what God has called you to do 

Growth Groups :

What the Verse = learning how to read the bible and discover the authors intended meaning

Guys Night = a chance for guys to get together and hang out

Ladies Night =  a chance for women to get together and build relationships

Our vision, to create open spaces for people to know God, is woven into every fabric of our church. Your growth towards God is a huge priority to us, and we take this opportunity to connect you to him very seriously.

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